What do the Complex editors do when they're not serving you with endless hours of entertainment? My Spot takes you inside some of their favorite destinations, both in the 'hood and around the globe.

While you'll have an easier time finding Waka Flocka at a midterm election center than spotting a West Indian eatery in Manhattan not called Golden Krust, Kings County is filled with 'em. It's no wonder—throughout the Jamaican diaspora Brooklyn has taken in more Jamaicans and other West Indians than any other part of the country, save for possibly Miami. So, yeah, if you want good West Indian food, take your ass to Brooklyn. But which ones are worth your dime? Well, according to Complex's Staff Writer, Damien Scott (@thisisdscott), there are too many to count, but one that instantly comes to mind—presumably because he passes it on his way to work each morning—is Melanie's Restaurant Juicebar and Bakery in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, a newly remodeled restaurant that does more than just serve up fresh, delicious Jamaican dishes. Read on to find out more...

Every staple Jamaican dish you can think of is made fresh daily: Think of your favorite West Indian dishes—Ox tail, curry goat, curry chicken, jerk chicken, stew chicken, roti—Melanie's has them all, and they're made fresh everyday. The only time you'll find yourself with stale rice is if you come right before closing.

Great breakfast:There's nothing like a West Indian breakfast. Depending on the weather, or your mood, you can treat yourself to a wide array of breakfast meals like salt fish and bake, or cornmeal porridge for those cold wintry days. And you get more for less than the price of an oatmeal from Jamba Juice. No shots!

It's a Juicebar! Along with cooking and serving great West Indian dishes, Melanie's is also committed to healthy living. This is evident through its large selection of homemade smoothies. Using fresh fruits and vegetables, they whip up great-tasting drinks that can help bring your energy up and help improve your overall well-being. Or so they say. Ital vital, etc.

Full On-Site Bakery: And it's a bakery! No bullshit. What that means is all the sweets you see in the window are made by them, more than likely that very day.

Friendly Staff: Nothing ruins a restaurant experience like ill-tempered employees. At Melanie's, no matter what time of day you stroll in for a bite, the staff (usually all affable accented females) is always pleasant. Even if you're like us and take more than a minute to decide on what you want to eat.

Good Prices, Good Portions: The average meal—one meat, rice, and two sides—comes in around $9-$10. And you get enough food to make you curl up in a ball and crash out.

Newly Remodeled: The old Melanie's had about four or five tables for people wanting to eat in, and if you did eat in, you were between the wall and the line of people ordering food. Now, however, Melanie's can accommodate three times the amount of people.


Melanie's Restaurant Juicebar & Bakery
1285 Fulton St
(Between Arlington Pl. & Nostrand Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11216-2011
(718) 399-2960

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