haloFrom the No Fucking Way We Can't Believe This Happened No Seriously This Isn't Sarcasm Well OK Maybe It Is Dept.: Halo: Reach made $200 million its first day out. [Gamasutra]

And lo, the beast named Microsoft hath delivered its keynote at the Tokyo Game Show, and it saith "there shalt be many Kinect titles for the harcore gamers!" And gamers did rejoice, or at least say "hmmm." As did Freedom Williams. Hallelujah! [IGN]

The gurus over at Operation Sports have combed through the NBA 2K11 demo and posted a rundown of some of their favorite aspects. We too have a "flick flick" move, but it involves YO MAMA. [Operation Sports]

There's a new Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 trailer, and it depicts—hold on, there's a fat dude in a Wolverine T-shirt in the way. And he's masturbating. Maybe you'll have better luck! [Game Informer]

The big Battlefield Bad Company 2 expansion pack is coming, and it's set in Vietnam. New maps, new weapons, and plenty of new shots fired at certain other military shooters that may or may not be set in Vietnam coming out later this year. [Joystiq]