So the final title in Xbox's Summer of Arcade drops today—and it's a Tomb Raider game! Well, rather, it's a Lara Croft game, though we don't know if by simply calling it Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Eidos/Square Enix were intentionally going outside Tomb Raider canon or just trying to get teenage horndogs to cough up $15 in hopes that "guardian of light" meant that flashing was involved. And we can't say we blame them either way; Lara Croft would be worth the money even if all she did was sit there and curse at you in a British accent. It's been 14 years—FOURTEEN YEARS, MAN—since the first Tomb Raider dropped, and in that time Lara's popped up in eight different games, a comic book, a "web series," and the real-life bodies of Angelina Jolie and the eight "official models" that Eidos has contracted over the years to portray Lara Croft for photoshoots and press events. Which means...hmm..carry the one...that it's time for an Ultimate Archive! Yes, we've searched the world over for the hottest pictures of gaming's sexiest action star (sorry, Bayonetta) in all her guises. Raider? We hardly know 'er!