Movies: The enterprising folks at WonderHowTo use the upcoming remake of Tron to re-imagine the Kama Sutra. Yes, it's called the Tron-a-Sutra, and yes, it's slightly NSFW (and no, Olivia Wilde did not participate). [WonderHowTo]

Politics: Fox News' Glenn Beck is holding a rally in Washington this weekend. If you can't escape the fuckery and must be in D.C. Saturday, at least Beck's own supporters have supplied you with a guide to where they won't be: the subway! Seriously, party on the Green or Yellow lines anyone? [The Huffington Post]

TV: Here's a trailer for the comic turned TV show The Walking Dead about a cop who gets shot in the line of duty who emerges from a coma to find a world overrun by zombies. At some point the cops n' zombies thing is gonna get old, but we'll ride with it for now. [The Movie Blog]

Comics: When all else fails, there's always erotic superhero fan art. [Comics Alliance]

Movies: Hey Soulja Boy, hide your stash, LiLo's out of rehab and ready to party! [Entertainment Weekly]