Movies: Mad Men's January Jones is set to play telepathic mutant Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: First Class. Deadline says that the casting is a "big surprise," but we can't say we're surprised given that Frost looks like this. [Deadline]

Movies: Apparently conservatives are divided over whether or not The Expendables is "un-American" or not. Guess Sly Stallone is probably regretting taking out that mosque-bombing scene now, huh? [LA Times]

Weird: Scientists have found a mind-controlling fungus that attacks ants and rewires them for its own sneaky agenda, then forces them to commit suicide by hanging themselves from leaves while they're consumed from the inside-out by alkaloids. And you thought Fox News was scary! [Guardian]

Movies: An upcoming thriller projectin development by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, 7 Minutes in Heaven, centers on two teenagers who find all of their friends dead after they hook up in the coat closet. That's why we take care of our business Nic Cage-style: gone in 60 seconds! [Hollywood Reporter]

Comics: Marvel has released some dope variants of Super Hero Squad Show to honor the success of the Cartoon Network's hit animated series of the same name. [Comic Book Resources]

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