TV: This 10-second teaser for Conan O'Brien's upcoming unnamed TBS show cops a page from Monty Python's book. Hmmm, Conan x Python? Yup, that's gonna suck. Good call, NBC! [TV Guide]

Movies: This Bangladeshi take on The Hulk, (called HALKa) is bad-meaning-good (in a so-bad-it's-good sorta way). [URLesque]

Politics: The current mayor of Wasilla, AK tells Levi Johnston to "get a high school diploma and keep [his] clothes on." Shots! [Politico]

Movies: The brand spankin' new trailer for the upcoming Brothers Strause-directed film, Skyline, has Stephen Hawking's worst prophecies come to life in L.A. Haha, sucks to be you, Cali! [Ain't It Cool]

Comics: Eric Trautmann, writer of the latest in the Vampirella series, promises to add his "own peculiar brand of weirdness to it all." Which is good, because "weird" is the one thing a comic book about a tworiffic vampire wearing a sling isn't already. [Comic Book Resources]