You're probably hearing pitter-pattering outside again and thinking to yourself, "Fuck. Rain." But wait. Look closer and you'll see. . .tears. That's right, all summer that's actually been the sound of girls (and some dudes) everywhere in hysterics over the series finale of The Hills. Oh, and that calm after the storm, that's the sound of us girls sitting in silence wondering what it means to live our their own life.

Aw shucks, we're just gonna admit it. We're gonna miss those Hills girls: LC, Kristin, Audrina, Heidi. Oh, and even that shorter blonde one and that douchebag's pretty sister! But now that the camera's have stopped rolling, we're stuck with paparazzi pics of actual legit Angelenos. They're cool, and, like, tan and pretty and hot and all that stuff, too, we guess. Just peep 'em.