Ok, so it looks a little corny around the edges, but we'll actually be checking for this Grown Ups flick this weekend. It stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Kevin James as old friends who get together for a Fourth of July reunion, but that's not the real reason we'll be watching. The real reason? Salma muthaeffin' Hayek of course. Fact is, we'll watch any movie with Salma Hayek in it (and we'll definitely talk to her about it), and if we get a few laughs out of the bargain, all the better.

Salma is a perpetual top contender for GOAT hottie. Pretty face? Check. Terrific twos? Yessir. Exotic accent? Yeah, it's there. Down to do nude scenes? Oh goodness, yes. She looks good in every film she's been in, and if you think otherwise, a) you're a dipshit, and b) we're about to prove you wrong with our list of Salma Hayek's hottest roles