Adam Green on the set of Frozen with Emma Bell.

You know what you're (probably) sleeping on? No, not the incredible Zen mind-fuck potential of completely ignoring Valentine's Day. Au contraire. Chances are, you haven't seen the incredible Zen mind-fuck high brow horror flick Frozen. And if you have to do one this weekend, we say check out the movie

Granted, we're a little biased. We've been fans of Frozen director Adam Green's for a minute, from Hatchet to Spiral to his hilariously gruesome take on Bahston infomercial pitchmen. All that aside though, we think Frozen is his dopest project yet: three friends get caught on a ski resort chairlift, with predictably (and more often, unpredictably) unfortunate results. We caught up with Adam this week to talk about the films that influenced his movie, as well as the five things that got him through the making of it...


Jaws (1975)
DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg
• "Jaws was the ultimate man vs. nature movie and it was a movie that was basically three people against the elements, so that was the biggest influence on Frozen."


Lifeboat (1944)
DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock
• "It's an entire suspense film taking place in one location that the characters couldn't get out of. All the suspense was carried by the performances, so that was a big one for my crew and I to study how they did that and pulled it off."


A Christmas Story (1983)
• "It's not as obvious an influence, but it's one of my favorite movies, ever. The thing I'll never get out of my head is the whole tongue on a frozen pole which I think is where the scene in Frozen with Parker's hand getting stuck to the safety bar comes from."


E.T. (1982)
DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg
• "Another one that's not obvious at all. In Frozen they reference E.T. as Lynch's favorite movie. E.T. was the movie that made me want to make movies in the first place, and it was the first movie that made me focus on writing instead of what happens in the movie. Because I was 8 years old, and normally it was all about when the monster's cool, it's not exciting, but E.T. was about the sensitivity of all the characters."


Open Water (2003)
DIRECTOR: Chris Kentis
• "This is going to sound bad, but I gotta say Open Water, only because when we/I wrote the script and everyone started saying, 'Oh, like Open Water on a chairlift.' I wasn't a huge fan of Open Water so that was something we sort of watched to make sure we didn't make it too much like Open Water. But I guess that does count as an influence because that's something that my entire crew and I made sure we watched to make sure we didn't do that."


1. Hand warmers.

2. 5-Hour Energy Drinks.

3. Vanilla ice cream. "It's a weird one because typically you're outside in the cold and you want something hot, but I think I was so nervous through the whole shooting of this movie because everything was so dangerous that I couldn't eat solid foods for the most part. So I would only eat vanilla ice cream for lunch and for breakfast every day."

4. Cocoa Pebbles. "I think I ate these probably every night when I would get home. It's like the ultimate comfort food for me, every set that I'm on there's like a stash of Cocoa Pebbles somewhere for me. 'Cause if I put it out where everyone can see it then everybody eats it, so I try and keep it in a special place for myself. Some people like coffee and cigarettes and other stuff. I'm like little kid foods. Like if I bring macaroni and cheese around, normally I'll eat that. But my deal with the actors on Frozen was since they were not allowed to eat or drink or go to the bathroom since they're 50 feet in the air, that I wouldn't eat or drink or go to the bathroom while we were on set either.

5. Metallica, Death Magnetic. "For whatever reason I found that I was always listening to that same album. Mainly the songs 'Broken Beat' and 'Scarred' on the way to set every single day. Normally I'll shuffle around different things on my iPod as I'm going in, the one chance to actually tune out is the ride into work. Most Metallica songs have a good amount of anger in them. I think that was good, to go there everyday with sort of something to prove."