The hottest pop song in Korea right now is from the girl-group version of Wu-Tang. Yep, there are nine'count 'em'nine members of Girls' Generation (a.k.a. SNSD), whose just-released single and video "Gee" (click through to watch it) is about as stupidly addictive as Asian pop can get. Which means to say: stupidly, stupidly addictive.

Though SNSD may appear to consist of faceless Korean fembots, there really are nine distinct people in the group. We previously featured SNSD in our round-up of Korean girl groups, but this time we're taking a close-up look at each member.


AGE: 18
OH, WORD?: Long-legged singer-slash-actor recently told an interviewer that not only has she never been in a relationship, she's never even been pursued by a man. Lord, bless this child.

NAME: Jessica
AGE: 19
OH, WORD?: Having been partly raised in the U.S., the so-called "Ice Princess" speaks good English. And sucks a mean lollipop.

NAME: HyoYeon
AGE: 19
OH, WORD?: The best dancer of the group reportedly learned Chinese in 2004. Not from Jin, we hope.


NAME: SeoHyun
AGE: 17
OH, WORD?: Wouldn't it figure that our favorite SNSD member is also the youngest. But because Koreans compute ages differently, SeoHyun is actually 18 in Korean years. Would that hold up in court?

NAME: Sunny
AGE: 19
OH, WORD?: Rumored to have been chosen for SNSD through family connections. Definitely the U-God of the group.

AGE: 19
OH, WORD?: Not only adorable, but an accomplished swimmer as well. Fear of liquids is such a turn-off.

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NAME: SooYoung
AGE: 18
OH, WORD?: SNSD's tallest member (at 5'7") is slim and pretty, but get this: Shake a tree in Apgujeong (in Seoul) and 10 SooYoungs will fall out. Seriously, you gotta go to Seoul.

NAME: Tiffany
AGE: 19
OH, WORD?: The group's other part-time American has a bubbly disposition that attracts fans and haters in equal measures. Give her a break, Koreans'she's from California.

NAME: TaeYeon
AGE: 19
OH, WORD?: The oldest group member was also the first to make a solo record, despite dubious singing ability. Hey, it didn't stop Nicole Scherzinger. Do your thing, TaeYeon!

VIDEO: Girls' Generation (a.k.a. SNSD), "Gee"