Horror film fans are often on the search for a fresh mainstream face to rally behind. It's a tall order for a breakthrough, awards-friendly actress to stick to one genre, especially once they've carried an entire horror flick with a blistering, all-eyes-on-her performance. Unfortunately for fans of scary film, most scream queens with the acting chops to draw in audiences bid the scare genre adieu for more dramatic and higher-profile projects, much like the female thespians on our following list of Famous Actresses Who Got Their Start In Horror Movies.

It's hard to imagine Hollywood stars like these women relaying themselves to the more stereotypical conventions of horror movie (like the crucial factor of being scantily clad while evading your attacker), but read down the list and you'll see the foot in the door it's provided for the now-A List actors. A few of these have since returned to the screen for the kind of cinema that began their careers, but most of them haven’t looked back as more esteemed roles have come their way. As Halloween approaches, let's celebrate their scary starts.