Name: Terry Presume
Hometown: Naples, Florida
Latest Project: “Don’t Like U” single 

Terry Presume’s style is contagious. His music is sticky, gluing itself in your mind and winding up on every playlist in your rotation. The Florida native seems to leave a growing trail of joyful melodies with charismatic messages in his wake. His 2021 EP What Box? gave us sundown songs like “Personal” and funkadelic grooves like “Zaza and Some Runtz (Smoke Break),” while “Don’t Like U,” Terry’s latest release, features his secret weapon—hooks that pack a punch. “On my Chief Keef, I don’t like you,” he sings with a smile.

The Florida artist’s song “Loner” on the Pigeons & Planes See You Next Year compilation album has the same charm and an instantly sticky chorus. 

“I’m not inherently a loner but I find myself alone a lot and comforted by my solitude even when I want to be around my peers who seemingly don’t reciprocate the same energy,” Terry shared on the meaning of the track. Despite the way he describes himself, Terry’s music is infused with an energy and outgoing nature which makes us so excited to have him on the album. Getting to listen to the musical meet-up between Terry and executive producer of the See You Next Year album, Mike Dean, is an experience we can’t wait to share. 

As for his first time working with the Synth God himself, we asked Terry for some insight on the collaboration. “The experience was a bit nerve wracking, I was excited and my typical anxiety (that I tried to keep concealed that day) spilled out a bit but the overall energy and vibe was fun,” Terry says. “I just had fun and was grateful to be where I was. I learned to stay prepared so that way you won’t have to get prepared. I also learned a bit about work ethic seeing how much work he puts in for artists all across the board. The man is truly a wizard with what he does.”

With the See You Next Year album on the horizon we took a moment to talk to Terry about the year in review and to reflect on how things have changed and will continue to change. Learn more about the See You Next Year compilation album and the other artists in the Class of ‘22 here. Pre-save the album here and listen to the first two singles, “Drive” by Fana Hues and “I Guess” by EKKSTACY, now.

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