Teezo Touchdown: The 'See You Next Year' Interview

Get to know Teezo Touchdown, one of the featured artists on Pigeons & Planes upcoming compilation album 'See You Next Year,' in this unique interview.

teezo touchdown see you next year
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Photo by ONErpm Studios/Image by Daniel Rattner

teezo touchdown see you next year

Name: Teezo Touchdown

Hometown: Beaumont, Texas

Latest Project: “Handy Man” single

Never failing to add interest to even the most mundane situations, Teezo Touchdown brings a little bit more sunshine wherever he goes. Existing in his own dimension, Teezo doesn’t tone down his unique and authentic nature for anyone. There’s something so idiosyncratic about Teezo that you can’t help but be pulled into his orbit, wanting to figure him out and eventually realizing you can’t. While we may not be able to define this eccentric individual, it’s mesmerizing to see his music and personality at work. 

Despite the metal exterior—(real) nails in his hair, platform rocker boots, leather outfits—Teezo doesn’t shy away from speaking on vulnerable subjects. There’s an unguarded nature present in his music with topics like checking in on friends and family, feeling unappreciated, and coping with the ups and downs of relationships.

From filming music videos in front of a graffiti-covered garage to making “RUNITUP” with Tyler and then going on the CMIYGL tour, the past few years have been monumental for Teezo. This year is no different. With his charisma, buzzing music, and genre-blending techniques, Teezo was a no-brainer for the SYNY album and we’re so glad he could get involved. This isn’t the first time Teezo’s made a song for us either—when we interviewed him in 2020 he sent back an entire video with his answers to our questions delivered as songs. One of those answers formed the starting point for his SYNY contribution, which we can’t wait for you to hear soon.

For now, dive deeper into Teezo’s world. This time, we received his interview responses in the form of his signature, bright-yellow Post-It notes, which you now also get to enjoy. Learn more about the See You Next Year compilation album and the other artists in the Class of ‘22 here. Pre-save the album here and stay tuned for music and more info on the release date soon.

Fill in the blank: Teezo is most likely to______.

teezo question one see you next year

Where were you one year ago today? What’s changed?

teezo question two see you next year

What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself creatively in the last 12 months?

teezo question three see you next year

What’s been the biggest risk you’ve taken in the last year?

teezo question four see you next year

What do you hope these next 12 months mean for you and your career?

teezo question five see you next year

What is it that you want to see in the world next year?

teezo question six see you next year

If you could change your name to anything for a year, what would it be?

teezo question seven see you next year

What’s the biggest goal on your bucket list in the next year?

teezo question eight see you next year

What's the biggest secret you've kept this year?

teezo question nine see you next year

What was your favorite year ever and why?

teezo question ten see you next year

What was the experience of working with Mike Dean like? What did u gain or learn from your collaboration?

teezo question eleven see you next year

Describe your song off the SYNY album in a sentence or two

teezo question twelve see you next year

Revisit Teezo Touchdown's 2020 interview with Pigeons & Planes.

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