Premiere: Jedi Mind Tricks "Target Practice"


Violence Begets Violence is the first album from Jedi Mind Tricks without Stoupe on the beats, and with a new line-up of producers, Jedi Mind Tricks sound as determined as ever to deliver. The change might worry longterm fans, who are used to the intense, aggressive style of hip-hop that wouldn’t work over any old boom-bap production. 10 seconds into this track, as the growling vocals first strike over the beat, those worries will disappear.

We’re very excited to bring you the first taste of the new album, “Target Practice,” produced by Hypnotist Beats. Violence Begets Violence is out October 25th.

Jedi Mind Tricks “Target Practice”

Hit the jump for a message from Vinnie Paz…

Our new album “Violence Begets Violence” drops October 25th. Some of you have heard by now that this is the first Jedi Mind Tricks album we’ve made without Stoupe handling the production. Bottom line is at some point after making our last album, “A History of Violence,” Stoupe lost his passion for making hip-hop and wanted to try new things. Through our career, we’ve always waited on him to get inspired to make a new album, but this time around we got tired of waiting out his creative drought. He tried to produce some things for this new album, but we could tell early on that his heart wasn’t in making JMT records anymore. He’s moved on as a producer to work in other genres with his sideprojects, Dutch and Vespertina, and we’ve moved on with a new crop of talented producers to make the hardcore hip-hop we’ve always been known for.

We’re reinvigorated and we feel like these younger, hungrier kids put a battery in our back. You deserve the best music we can make. Stoupe made great albums with us, but he’s moved in a different direction as a producer, so we decided this was the best move for us to make sure we give you guys the best music we can. Regardless, Jus and I feel like we made a great record. I’ve made plenty of other albums with other producers. You guys know AOTP. You know my solo shit. Some of you even said that my solo album was the best work I’ve done to date, including all of the JMT albums. Don’t worry, that classic hardcore JMT shit is coming on October 25th. Just trust me. I’ve never let you down in 15 years. Give us the benefit of the doubt and listen to “Violence Begets Violence” with an open mind.

The music business is crazy right now. Most artists disappear after one album or one single. We’ve been fortunate to have a 15-year run, which could’ve never happened without you guys.our fans. The last thing we want to do is to try to pull the wool over your eyes, so we wanted to let you know upfront about Stoupe, but also let you know that we’re still Jedi Mind Tricks. We still are, and always will be, making hardcore shit no matter who mans the boards.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store. This one is called “Target Practice” and produced by Hypnotist Beats. Download it here.

As always thanks for your unwavering support,

Vinnie Paz and the JMT crew