Loose Ends


So, the day came and went, and I avoided a much-needed nap so I wouldn’t miss the new Drake ft. Kanye single. You see what this blogging shit does to a blogger? I’m telling you, it’s rough out here. People underestimate the effort that goes into this. No pain, no gain, right? But for real, I stopped sleeping. I’m okay though, this new Theophilus London mixtape is good enough to keep me happy for the day.

There has been an onslaught of good music, and what songs I haven’t already posted have landed on my desktop and formed an alliance that can’t be ignored any longer. Time for a loose ends post. It’s an eclectic bunch this time around, so hang in there. Hit the jump for words and MP3’s.

First up is the new single from Brooklyn buzz duo Sleigh Bells‘ upcoming album Treats. This is the kind of stuff that music elitists will love – instantly brilliant, but grating and not easy to listen to. At times it sounds like maybe their drums were recorded under water? I can dig it, but I’m still wondering if the heavy compression and distortion is part of the reason I like Sleigh Bells or part of the reason that I don’t like them more. Either way, they’ve got the MIA cosign (literally signed to her label) and they are set to make some noise with Treats.

Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em | YouSendIt

Not a fan of the loud and the fuzzy? Here’s some soulful new love-making music from Trigga. You seen this man caress a fan on stage while covering the Kings Of Leon? Yeah, Trey comes really close to that line in the sand that separates the smooth and the corny, but he pulls it off most of the time. I still prefer the explicit mixtape Trey, but you gotta have at least one playlist designated for stuff like this.

Trey Songs – For The Sake Of Love

Emay is a producer/rapper, and he’s the realest. He puts his heart into his music and you’ll feel that. This is a fly-on-the-wall anthem for those of us who often observe and absorb more than we partake, and he captures that perfectly. He puts a lot of focus into his backdrop (His last project was an instrumental project based on Karen O’s WTWTA Soundtrack). Most hip-hop artists can make your head nod, but there aren’t many that can change your mood. It seems to come naturally for Emay.

Kiss Kiss Fantastic – Antisocial Butterflies (ft. Emay)

I was gonna keep this going but shit, the Drake single just dropped (linked from the future). Gotta go. Fucking blogging, man…