FBG Duck - "Damn"


A few days ago, my internet and cable went out, so for the past few nights I’ve just been staring at walls and drawing pictures of human faces with two different sized eyes because that’s kind of my thing. Tonight I got my internet back and immediately got lost in an internet hole. It started on Soundcloud, listening to some song in some email, then I bounced to a YouTube link, then in the related videos in the sidebar I saw FBG Duck’s “Right Now.” I didn’t immediately love it, but there was something there. That little flourish of melody in his flow had me wondering what else was out there, so I checked out the mixtape. That is where I came across “Damn.” And now it’s past midnight and I’ve listened to “Damn” at least 10 times, so fuck, here it is.

FBG Duck is from Chicago and according to his Twitter account, he reps Fly Boy Gang, which is maybe what the FBG stands for. That’s pretty much all I know at this point, but “Damn” is the jam. It’s built on a lot of the same core elements that we’ve been hearing from plenty of other young Chicago rappers lately, but the Future-type crooning of that repetitive hook makes “Damn” one of those songs that you hear once and can’t get out of your head for the next two weeks. That’s more than a chorus—that’s a hook. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Get FBG Duck’s Look At Me mixtape here.

Watch the “Right Now” video below: