Danny Brown & MNDSGN - "Sweeney Song"


From the Classic Drug References Vol. 1 box set comes new Danny Brown over MNDSGN production. The set comes from blogger Sweeney Kovar, who used to run the Classic Drug References blog. Here’s what Sweeney says about the woozy, disjointed, manic track:

“Danny was my longshot for this project. By the time I got moving on this he’d already signed with Fool’s Gold and was about to drop XXX, which would establish him as one of the fiercest MC’s out. I emailed and DM’d to no avail. One day I decided to try something really crazy and picked up the phone and called him. The stars were aligned and a rapper actually answered his phone. In all of two minutes he agreed to cut a track. I emailed him a .zip of beats I’d culled from the homies and about a week later I got a sendspace link entitled “SWEENY SONG.” He had taken a Mndsgn beat and absolutely ripped it to shreds. It’s been so long since he cut it that it now sounds like vintage Danny to me, which of course I love. I fixed the typo in the title and ran with it.”

On November 25, Classic Drug References Vol. 1 will be released as a Box Set containing three 7″ records featuring Danny Brown, Ras G, Quelle Chris, Blu, Knxwledge and more. In addition to the 7″ vinyl, the box set contains a zine featuring interviews with A$AP YAMS and Mr. Porter conducted by Sweeney Kovar, writing from Dart Adams and Hex Murder, and photography from B+, Ani Yapundzhyan, and Rodrigo Reyes.

Watch a couple performances from Danny Brown’s recent Boiler Room set below:

“Dope Song”