Catch Up


If you’ve been keeping up with me on Twitter you know I’ve been out of commission for the past week. Slowing down my blogging frenzy is not a common thing. Trust that if I do slow down for a period of time it’s because I’m drunk (although I drunk blog like your overly talkative girlfriend drunk dials), I don’t have access to a computer (the day I learn to easily blog from my phone will be a very dangerous day for the internet), I’m with a girl (playing it cool, pretending not to be obsessed with blogging), or my stomach is trying to digest itself (last week).

Well I’m back and hungry for blogging. Time to play catch up.

  • Spain won the World Cup. Apparently the results for 8 World Cup games were perfectly predicted by some German octopus named Paul, proving once again that octopuses can see into the future.

  • I got a vuvuzela in the mail (shout to Ivan Ibarra!) Can’t wait for a prime time to use it. Invite me to your next party. I’ll be the obnoxious guy with the vuvuzela.

  • Interpol made a new song. It will be the second single on their upcoming self titled album out 9/14. Interpol fans rejoice. Non-Interpol fans remain irritated by lead singer Paul Banks’ voice. Listen to it below.

  • Lil Wayne is still locked up (#FreeWeezy), but on Weezy’s birthday (September 27th) Wayne’s co-manager Cortez Bryant plans to release an EP of all new material on the internet. It will be called I’m Not A Human Being. Full story here.

  • Big Boi’s solo album Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Dusty Chico continues to get overwhelmingly positive reviews from everyone except hateful baby killers, makes Confusion mad that he didn’t receive the advanced copy that was promised to him. Guess I’ll have to buy it after I finish crying and cutting up all my curtains in a blind rage.

Anything else happen?