Best Songs of the Week

1. Arca - "Sheep"

The stunning, mind-rearranging, and totally unique &&&&& 25-minute mix/mixtape that Arca released in 2013 was what originally grabbed many people's attention. It's been awesome to see his subsequent rise and rise, culminating with his album Xen and a bunch of production credits on Bjork's new album.

Comparing Xen to &&&&& it still feels as if Arca's work might be best presented in sub-30 minute mix format, the songs bleeding into one another, creating a whole new world with his viciously twisted sounds to totally immerse yourself in. Arca's latest work, a mix for Hood By Air's runway show in Florence, features samples from FKA Twigs, Björk, and Lana Del Rey, and is a poignant mix of beautiful, delicate moments and distorted aggression. Sit back and enjoy a master at work.—Constant Gardner

2. Purity Ring - "Begin Again"

Purity Ring's upcoming Another Eternity has been one of our most anticipated albums of 2015 before we even heard any new music, and it's shaping up to be a great one with first single "Push Pull" and this one, "Begin Again."

Since the rise of Purity Ring's Shrines in 2012, a lot of new groups have come with forward-thinking production and melodic indie pop, but none have done it quite like Purity Ring, with their dark, almost gothic vibes. With Crystal Castles gone, we're glad to have Purity Ring back to bring a little gloom.—Confusion

3. Leks Rivers - "When I'm High"

When Leks Rivers sent this song over, he wrote, "Imma keep it real, I HATE writing emails like this, it's so awkward and I'd rather just let my music speak for itself. However I do believe in my art & my big mouth hasn't gotten me in trouble, yet!"

He continued, "I'm not gonna act like I've read through your blog or like I'm a huge fan cause I'd be lying BUT your description of Pigeons & Planes hooked me so I fucks with you guys."

It was one of the more honest submissions I've seen, but it also turned out to be one of the best. "When I'm High" is still a little unpolished, but that chorus is perfect, and this song could be a hit with a little work. Plus, Leks produces all his own music, and he's only 20 years old. I can't wait to hear what's next for him.—Confusion

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