15 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Build up your music library. These are the free songs you should download right now.

Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel like building up your iTunes, we've got you covered. Here are 15 free songs for you to download, in no particular order.


2. Abhi//Dijon - "Wait (Sango Seattle Rain Mix)"

Rising duo abhi//dijon kicked off the week with their new EP Stay Up. A few days later and we've already got a remix of one the EP's tracks, "Wait," from Sango. The Seattle-native shared his "Seattle Rain Mix" of the duo's groovy track. Sango's version slows things down, making Dijon's vocals sound even more romantic than before.

3. Drew Howard - "You're Not My Mans"

This one pretty much sprung up out of nowhere, and if it wasn't for the Fader taking notice, we might have missed it. But boy oh boy, what a gem this track is. Drew Howard's "You're Not My Mans" is by far his best track yet, and already has us imagining a Drake remix of this minimal banger.

4. Mr Little Jeans - "Waking Up"

It's been over a year since Monica Birkenes aka Mr Little Jeans released her debut album Pocketknife. Now she's back with a powerful new single "Waking Up." For most pop songs, four minutes can feel like too much. However, "Waking Up" feels like a complete song from start to finish—never feeling like too much or too little, growing more addictive as time goes on.

5. Croosh - "Healthy"

Thanks to a recommendation from Ten Diamonds, Croosh is on our radar with his addictive new track "Healthy." Its super-sticky hook and mesmerizing production are on-point, and it's easy to see this sneaking its way into a number of post-summer party playlists.

6. Chromatics - "Shadow"

The latest track to be released from Adult Swim's 2015 singles series is Chromatics' "Shadow." The single dances on a fine line between spooky and soothing. The vocals are a bit eerie but the repetition of the whisper soon begin to feel hypnotizing.

7. Lakim & Marvel Alexander - "Jersey Boy"

Back in July Lakim and Marvel Alexander shared their collaboration "Smoke All Day". The two are back again with their latest collaboration "Jersey Boy" from their upcoming joint project Bounce Bros Vol. 1. As the project title would allude, this new track features a lot of necessary bounce.

8. Barney Artist - "Last Day"

Barney Artist is another rising lyricist coming out of London. He recently linked up with producer, and fellow Londoner, Jordan Rakei to create his latest track "Last Day." The track comes as a thank you to fans who supported his last project.

Download it here.

9. Groundislava ft. Erik Hassle "Flatline"

L.A. producer Groundislava recruits Swedish singer Erik Hassle for his latest single "Flatline." The song has a gradual build that grows with strength as it goes on. Both the vocals and production work together to build each other up, rather than one outshining the other. The glittery production is mesmerizing, and hopefully a preview of what to expect on Groundislava's new EP.

10. Casey Veggies ft. Elohim - "All That Gold"

Casey Veggies continues his streak of generosity by dropping yet another free track ahead of the release of his new album Live & Grow. The previous releases have just been regular freebies, but "All That Gold" is a track that almost made it on the album. Casey says, however, that he just "couldn't let it go to waste."

11. Hotline Bling - "Charlie Puth & Kehlani (deDunamis x Krs. Remix)"

There have been countless covers and remixes of "Hotline Bling" ever since Drake dropped his original version. Now we've got a remix of cover. Kehlani and Charlie Puth's collaborative cover has only been out since last week and has already racked up over one million plays. Their version just received a bit of tweaking, production wise, from producers deDunamis and Krs—giving the track a bouncier bassline that allows the glittery piano chords to shine.

Download it here.

12. Nehzuil ft. Milan - "Someday"

Australian natives Nehzuil and Milan have linked up to create a collaborative series. The producer and singer shared their first joint effort "Somebody" this week. The track is a down-tempo jam that oozes sex appeal thanks to Milan's sultry voice and Nehzuil's jazzy, seductive production.

Download it here.

13. Villette - "In The Sheets (Acoustic Freestyle)"

Some artists can pull listeners in immediately, after just a few moments of hearing only one song—Villette's "In The Sheets" is the prime example of that. The rhythm alone is enough to spark interest but it's Villette's voice that steals the show. Not only do her first notes sound heavenly, but she follows it up by rapping a quick verse—all over a beat she produced herself.

Download it here.

14. Harrison Brome - "Pools"

There seems to be a trend of spellbinding vocals layered over hazy production, and I don't mind it at all. Harrison Brome's latest single "Pools" fits right into that description, and yet there's this quality about it that makes hearing it on pop radio not seem like such a far-fetched idea.

15. Roy - "Help"

Thanks to a chance meeting with P&P favorite Kevin Abstract, Roy caught our attention with his EP, Sunsets. Full of interesting production and genre contortions, the EP ends with its most immediate cut, "Help." Assisted by Hana Tyska, "Help" caps off an impressive debut with the promise of further improvement.

Download the entire EP here.

16. Dom Kennedy - "Brooklyn"

Dom Kennedy dropped his Best After Bobby Two mixtape earlier this week. The rapper spits his relaxed verses over various classic beats. The closing track "Brooklyn" find Dom rapping over LL Cool J's "Doin' It."

Download the entire Best After Bobby Two tape here.