Stream Young Fathers' New Album "White Men Are Black Men Too"

young fathers


young fathers

Edinburgh trio Young Fathers are back with their second studio album in two years, White Men Are Black Men Too. The 12-track release is the follow-up to the group’s Mercury Award-winning Dead, and will be released April 6.

The group’s alternately poppy and gritty aesthetic keeps the album fresh, with sounds that range from pop-punk to sitar to rap. Never ones to shy away from controversy in their lyrics, Young Fathers have already defended the album title on their site: “We came at it from a different angle, a positive angle. it’s got issues of race and so what? Why should alarm bells start ringing, even though in general conversations race, politics, sex and religion are always the subject matter? Why should it be discussed behind closed doors and never confronted head on?

Listen to the full album below, and read our interview with the group prior to last year’s release of their album Dead.