The Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now

By Moses Jazz Wiener

Like a buffet of beats and sounds which is replenished every two weeks, we once again return with a carefully selected smörgåsbord of the best mixes available to anyone with an internet connection and an interest in broadening their music library; especially those without the patience to sift through the hours of half-decent efforts.

With this being a figurative buffet and all, can we suggest you start off with Four Tet's full set from the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris? Followed by a side of throwback basslines by DJ Q (a northern specialty) and a birthday mix from perhaps Britain's top hip-hop clubnight? Or maybe you'd like a choice of two different back-to-back sets from some of the most exciting producers knocking around? Of course you would.

Grab a plate and help yourself to the best new mixes streaming right now.


2. Max Graef: Heads With Tales Mix

Not only did Max Graef tick all the boxes with this mix, but he may have actually created new boxes altogether.

The German wunderkid shows off his intimate knowledge of dusty records, and an expert ability to combine those things. Hip-hop, house, jazz, soul, and more all collide beatifully on his mix for Heads With Tales in the lead-up to his debut Australia/New Zealand tour. It does not matter who you are for this one to connect–there really is something for everyone.

3. Kingdom b2b Nguzunguzu: Fade to Mind on Rinse FM

This month's Fade To Mind show on Rinse saw two of the crew's best, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu, come out for the monthly Rinse FM show with a b2b session we won't quickly be forgetting. Showacasing a slew of tracks from the forefront of club music and plenty from their label, Los Angeles' Kingdom and Nguzunguzu brought concentrated chaos to the airwaves.

Warning: This mix contains numerous gunshots so get ready to get down.

4. Joy Orbison b2b Ben UFO: Live at ZeeZout 09.14 (Day)

Now for your second back-to-back session; this time the British are in control.

Hessle Audio founder Ben UFO and Joy Orbsion uploaded two extracts taken from their six hour set, recorded out in the open at ZeeZout just outside of Amsterdam earlier this year. "The day section was recorded as the venue was filling up in the later stages of the afternoon; the night section was recorded during peak time, once the sun had gone down. We hope you enjoy them!" And enjoy them we shall.

5. Juj: HW&W Mix #14 'Day Off' Mix

Four mixes deep, and we've already covered a few hours of music, but there's lots more awesomeness. Huh What & Where—known for putting out releases by Kaytranada, Pomo, Sweater Beats, and more—have recently released a gift for anyone who's living for the weekend.

Their 14th mix from friends and family of the label, HW&W's Juj takes the reins, and then neatly lays it down beside you. Largely because it's really difficult to make a margherita whilst holding the reins. Experienced best above 25 degrees, with said margherita firmly in hand.

6. Four Tet: Pitchfork Music Festival Paris Mix

Filmed live in Paris, Four Tet's performance was one of our highlights from Pitchfork's Music Fesival earlier this year.

Mr Hebden reaffirms his place in our hearts with a signature blend of his own productions, which, in and of themselves, spiral off into various indices of intricate electronic sounds. Be sure to check out the performances from other acts from the weekend including James Blake, Mogwai, Caribou, St Vincent and over on Pitchfork's YouTube channel, too.

7. Wen: FABRICLIVE x Butterz Mix

From Huh What and Where, we return to the other side of the Atlantic for Wen.

Following a fantastic year which saw the release of his debut album Signals, he's prepped a mix for Fabric's FabricLive series ahead of his scheduled set for Butterz on 21st November and true to form, Wen does not disappoint. An expertly mixed selection of breaks, hip-hop, house, grime and more; all geared to makes some serious dents on the dancefloor.

8. DJ Q: Old School Bassline Mix Special

Posted up the day after Channel 4 aired episode 2 of Music Nation—a series exploring the origins of contemporary UK-bred music genres curated by Dazed Magazine—DJ Q goes full nostalgia mode and reaches into the depths of his arsenal, it goes so deep that he probably even reached into the back seat of his car for a CD he burned back in 2007 just for this mix.

Bass is the top order of business, and what a rowdy business this is. Manchester make some noise.

9. Livin Proof: 7th Birthday Mix

Happy birthday wishes going out to London's Livin Proof crew!

Having just turned seven years old—during which time people like Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Just Blaze, A$AP Rocky and more have graced their line-ups—the guys obviously celebrated with a big party this weekend at Village Underground.

Weren't there or don't have a time machine to hand? Don't worry! Each of the four founders went round for round on a collaborative mixtape which you can download for free, featuring some top notch hip-hop heaters.

10. Urulu: High Snobiety Mixtape #7

From birthday number seven to mix number seven, have a listen to Urulu's excellent effort for High Snobiety.

Urulu—real name Taylor Freels—recently released his Banshee Boardwalk EP, and even more recently he put together the seventh in High Snobiety's emerging mix series. The LA-born, Berlin-based producer lays down a heady blend of stripped back house jams peppered with peculiar intervals throughout, and a description from the man himself simply reading "music for weirdos." Count us in.

11. Kemal: "This one is for the Tabernacle dudes" Mix

Known better for their output of heavy electronica, Berceuse Heroique's boy Kemal turns to the jazzy side on a far-out mix "for the dudes" at Slabs of The Tabernacle.

That being said, it still isn't without its peculiarities, and clocking in at 2+ hours, you are cordially invited to don your smoking jacket and join us by the fireplace to roast marshmallows and drop DMT.