The Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now

Hudson Mohawke, Jamie xx, Toro y Moi, and the legendary DJ EZ all stepped up with amazing mixes.

In the last episode of our bi-weekly Best New Mixes list, you wouldn’t have been forgiven for having to refer to Google once or twice in order to familiarize yourselves with the names included. But this week, however, is a different story.

We always aim to showcase the fire, the fresh, the new and the notable, and in doing so, we collectively serve up hours and hours of top quality music for your enjoyment (sometimes on the obscure side) having foraged through the fluff that’s floating around. Now whilst there has been plenty to choose from over the last fortnight, it seems that some of our favourite DJs and producers have blown the newbies out the water this time round. Suffice to say that you’ll be making fewer new discoveries than normal, and instead the following list will be doing more to cement the already established and generally recognized awesomeness of all involved.

You wouldn’t be wrong to always expect excellence from the one and only Hudson Mohawke in a celebratory mix broadcast on Rinse FM in anticipation of the release of his new album, for example. There’s Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi doing the deed for the dudes at Dummy, there’s Claude VonStroke celebrating ten years of being a Dirty Bird, plus there are some left-field offerings from supreme selectors like Mr Scruff and Gilles Peterson. As for the overdue Essential Mix from living London legend DJ EZ? All of these and more are here, ready, and waiting to blast through your speaker system.


2. Jamie xx: Mixmag Cover Mix

For the second time in as many weeks, Jamie xx has made it into our top ten; this time with a mix for the nice people at Mixmag. Originally made available to the magazine's subscribers as the covermount CD for their March issue, the mix, now available to stream on Soundcloud, contains music from Jamie's comrades including Four Tet, Floating Points, and a few others you may well know. For what it's worth, the mix is good enough in and of itself to justify the magazine's cover price, but we're awfully happy it's a freebie.

3. DJ EZ: BBC Essential Mix

If the word garage evokes images of dust sheets, miscellaneous tools, or a lawnmower, you are in dire need of the BBC's latest Essential Mix from a DJ by the name of EZ.

Known up and down the British isles as the man responsible for catalysing the country's rave scene as well as being an absolute beast on the decks, DJ EZ (pronounced ee-zed, for you Americans) has honed his craft to perfection and has been known to create remixes in the middle of a set with no more than the cue button and some loops. Difficult to believe it took this long for Pete Tong to approach EZ about getting something done, but who cares? It's time for some EZ listening.

4. Kastle: Mix for The Astral Plane

Not his first time gracing this list with a mix for the masses, label owner, resident of Los Angeles, and male human being Kastle kicked up a cracking collection of tracks for The Astral Plane that we're pretty sure you're going to like. And with a forthcoming EP described as "a collection garage and jungle inspired tracks dusted off an old hard drive," this mix is a well-suited accompaniment to say the least.

Naturally featuring music from Kastle himself, this selection changes pace like leaving a heaving club for a cigarette and bit of calm, but quickly returning to the madness.

5. Hudson Mohawke, Eclair Fifi & Zebra Katz: 'Lantern' Rinse FM Takeover

Short of producing the next Ricky Martin album, it seems that Ross Birchard, better known as the all-conquering, oft imitated producer/DJ Hudson Mohawke can do no wrong when putting out a mix. Especially so when he has new songs burning a hole in his pocket prior to the release of new album Lantern on Warp Records.

Joined on deck at the Rinse FM studios by LuckyMe family members Eclair Fifi and Zebra Katz, YouTube channels dedicated to punctual radio rips and fans of HudMo's prolific productions alike were treated to a tracklist that, if nothing else, will get you excited enough to hit the pre-order button pronto. At the very least, hit the play button and take it from there.

6. Mr Scruff & Band On The Wall: Manchester DJ Set

Whilst you were probably painting an egg, the man known as Mr Scruff was at play, putting together a five-hour long playlist of handpicked tunes for a performance in Machester, England.

Bounding between different styles and music from different backgrounds, you'll soon appreciate the don of doodles' discerning ear, and will no doubt whip your phone out only for Shazam to tell you it has no idea what song this is, and that you should try venturing to a record store once in a while. And whilst you're there, why not have a listen to Mr Scruff's latest album, out now on Ninja Tune!

7. Toro y Moi: Dummy Mix #252

We always have time to hear from Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi, so a mix for Dummy Magazine running for a little over 30 minutes is our absolute pleasure.

The man also known for producing under the moniker of Les Sins and more recently for producing What For? as Toro y Moi leans towards the electronic end of the spectrum in this mix. He explains, "I still like finding and making electronic stuff and for the most part of this mix, this is what I’m currently into at the moment. I thought it’d be fun to do a mix of electronic stuff since the record isn’t electronic. People's taste nowadays are so eclectic, I feel like y’all would enjoy it."

8. Girl Unit: 50KG Mix

Bend your knees and stretch your back before listening to this weighty mix from the man known as Girl Unit. Made to coincide with the release of his new EP Hysterics, out now via Night Slugs, there are no holds barred as beats from Jam City and Tuff Sherm bleed into Kylie Minogue like it's no big deal, and from there he adds music from Cajmere, Boys Noize, Delroy Edwards, French Fries, and a few others that'll be sure to keep you on your toes.

9. Claude VonStroke: History Of Dirtybird Mix

Congratulations to Claude and the rest of the Dirtybird team on reaching their tenth year in business! And to celebrate, what better way than a retrospective reminder of what makes the label so special. Premiered by Mistajam on BBC Radio 1xtra, the boss man naturally had a few words to say about his labour of love.

"A lot has happened in the music industry over the last 10 years, but I like to think we have stayed consistent and managed to enjoy the ride. The players may change but the theme stays the same; keep it fun and funky. So please enjoy this very special mix that showcases the history of our music and here’s to another 10 years of DIRTYBIRD!"

Hear hear! Now hear this..

10. Gilles Peterson: Freakier Zone Mix

Normally the one to provide a platform for other musicians, Gilles Peterson dips into the depths of his record collection to rustle up something weird and wonderful. Considering that Peterson's threshold for what constitutes weird when it comes to music is probably a bit higher than your average music geek, psychedelic Brazilian beats, Chinese hip hop and some exclusive remixes are all part and parcel of his 'Freakier Zone' mix.

To put it one way, of all the differences between Gilles Peterson and Kanye West, letting Gilles Peterson get into his zone is something which should always be allowed.

11. Danny Daze: Sunday Morning Mix #5

Before detailing the fifth of Danny Daze's Sunday Morning mix series, it's imperative to remind you that this (and the other four Sunday Morning mixes) is perfectly suitable listening material any day of the week. But hey, if you're listening to this on a Sunday morning from under a duvet, in reach of some junk food and as far away from the realities of life as possible, then you may enjoy the following marginally more than most.

"This mix series is made in order to wind down and relax after a long night out, or simply listen to something other than dance music. I grew up with record labels like M3rck and Schematic based out of Miami, and have always searched for mixes which included these sort of sounds after a long weekend of traveling. Having not found many, I decided to make this a bi-weekly ongoing series including guest mixes."

So sit back, relax, and take it easy (like Sunday morning).