Watch a 14-Year Old Amy Winehouse Sing "Happy Birthday"

The life of Amy Winehouse was under a media microscope all the way up to her tragic death in July 2011, but her upcoming documentary AMY, directed by Asif Kapadia, hopes to show the late singer as she was rather than what the cameras asked her to be.

In this new clip, a 14-year-old Amy can be seen enjoying a birthday party for one of her friends in 1998. When she starts singing “Happy Birthday,” however, the young teen seems to transform and her vocals take over the room. Even at such a young age, you can hear her stunning voice and tell she was a superstar in the making.

AMY will be hitting theaters nationwide on July 10, while special screenings of the film will take place in Los Angeles and New York This Friday. Check out the new preview of the movie above.