Ghostface Killah Admits He Has Confused Action Bronson's Voice For His Own

Ever since Action Bronson first emerged on the music scene, the comparisons to legendary rapper Ghostface Killah have been plentiful. Bronson’s spoken on the similarities here and there throughout his career, and now Ghostface is finally offering his take on the resemblance–and it’s a surprising one at that. In an interview with Vlad TV, the rapper admitted that when he first listened to Bronson, he thought he was actually listening to himself. “I mean I thought he was me one day, you know, when I first got put on to some [of his] shit,” Ghostface said. “I’m asking myself ‘when the fuck I do that verse?'”

Despite his initial confusion, Ghostface assures everyone that this isn’t a diss to Bronson. “He’s a good dude,” the rapper says of Action. “That’s just his fuckin’ voice.”