Tasha The Amazon Shares New Hard-Hitting, Self-Produced EP 'Die Every Day'

"Picasso Leaning" was just a small taste of what the rapper had up her sleeve.

Tasha the Amazon

Image via Audible Treats

Tasha the Amazon

Toronto rapper Tasha The Amazon caught our attention earlier this year when her single "Picasso Leaning" topped the local Spotify charts. After releasing a stellar follow-up to "Picasso Leaning" with "Prayer," Tasha now shares a new EP that's entirely self-produced alongside her partner Danthrax (together, they form the production duo Bass & Bakery).

As with "Picasso Leaning" and "Prayer," Die Every Day is a relentless offering that perfectly encompasses Tasha The Amazon's no-holds-barred attitude and high energy, packed with fiery rhymes and raucous production. Deliciously rough around the edges, Die Every Day is the ultimate soundtrack for those days when you're feeling mischievously destructive.

"[We're] out here every day making our own traditions," Tasha told us over email about "Prayer," and by the sounds of Die Every Day, the Toronto native is living by her own word. 

Tasha The Amazon will be joining YG on Novemeber 29 in Los Angeles as a part of Redbull's 30 Days in LA 2016. Listen to Die Every Day below.