Mikky Ekko - "Kids (Max Martin'd by Djemba Djemba Trollmix)"


For those who are not familiar with Max Martin, he’s a Swedish producer who worked on quite literally all of the pop songs, with every artist from Backstreet Boys, to Celine Dion, to Britney Spears. Evidently, he’s got a knack for that poppy mainstream sound. So, in an effort to mock him, Djemba Djemba—a producer best known for his trap-leaning mixes—decided to create a “trollmix” of Mikky Ekko‘s “Kids,” in the style of Max Martin.

Joke’s on Djemba Djemba, though, as this remix works really well. This could be due to the fact that I essentially grew up with Martin’s production, but it’s light, upbeat, and overall just quite lovely. Sorry, Djemba Djemba (but maybe that was his point). Listen to his remix of Mikky Ekko’s “Kids” below.