Music, Art, and Beyond: Meet the DIY Collective Raised By The Internet

Meet the 10 young creatives who were brought together by the internet and are evolving together across mediums.


Photo by Kyran


Emerging from the post-Kanye, alt-indie-rap genre-blending landscape that has been steadily growing over the last decade is the captivating Raised By The Internet art collective. In 2017, inspired by the BROCKHAMPTON recruitment model, RBTI founder Jelani Aryeh, took a chance and shouted into the ether from his bedroom in San Diego.

The 17-year-old high-schooler posted on the Odd Future subreddit looking for other young people trying to make something fresh. His reward was a full team of talented creatives across all mediums, who could also resonate with the internet driven bars of Injury Reserve’s “Oh Shit!!,” and were ready to take up the challenge. “I responded to Jelani’s post on the Odd Future [subreddit] about starting a group,” producer Jack Kolbe explains. “For some reason it seemed like a good idea, I wasn’t looking for a group and had never posted on Reddit before...”

Vocalists, producers, engineers, and visual artists from all corners have stepped up over the past two years to help establish a unique RBTI brand. Existing as more than a simple music group, there are larger plans for RBTI to become a full creative production platform eager to help the next wave of norm-defying artists.

Rather than multiple group releases, the RBTI artists decided to focus mainly on their solo works, releasing four full length projects from various members. This freedom within the collective has given everyone a chance to develop on their own, continuing to hone their distinct styles and sounds. “The thing about Raised By The Internet that separates us from anyone else is how different we are from each other,” Asha Imuno says. “Everything we make together is a culmination of ten separate sets of eyes and ears finding what about them brings them together, and amplifying that to the world.”

As the musical landscape changes rapidly, self-made groups with strong DIY mentalities become more and more important because they capture the endless possibilities available to young people today. Groups like RBTI stand as examples of not waiting for someone to tell you how to move and just embracing that creative spark that exists when surrounded by friends who are all excited about what could come next. Here’s a guide to help you get to know the Los Angeles-based creative collective a little better.

Jelani Aryeh

jelani aryeh

Hometown: San Diego, CA

RBTI founder, Jelani Aryeh’s soulful blend of rap, R&B, and indie styles has drawn eyes to him since his 2017 introduction with the Suburban Destinesia project. In the two years since its release, Jelani has refined the contemporary R&B edge that separates his sound, seen clearly with the more experimental “Earl Grey” and the polished “Patagonia” from his engrossing official debut EP Helvetica.

As Jelani explains, his family's connection to music runs deep. “[My uncle] used to record in the room next to mine,” Jelani says. “It was a full on studio in there and I would always just be in it. The label that my parents started was named Aryeh Entertainment after my middle name. I actually recorded Suburban Destinesia with the same AKG mic he used to record his songs.”

The 19-year old Californian channeled his inspirations like Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, and Childish Gambino across Suburban Destinesia, but is now taking his music to the next level.

Troi Blank

troi blank

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Coming from more of a hip-hop background inspired by the unorthodox ideas of Odd Future, Troi Blank’s music has developed substantially since the beginning. With a gruff but versatile flow, the self-proclaimed pretty boy has an alternative style and his production choices fluctuate between genres.

“I make music for everyone, Troi says. "I want to be a beacon for people like how my favorite artists were for me. I make music because I literally cannot do much else with my life and be happy with who I am. If I’m not making music my life doesn’t feel complete.” Raised in LA and surrounded by various arts and cultures, Troi takes inspiration from all angles—from playing sports to getting lost in the paintings of Basquiat, and even making his own clothes. With new music out now, Troi has even more planned for November.

Asha Imuno

asha imuno

Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA

Flowing between influences like Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, and early Travis Scott, Asha’s lack of fear is put on full display throughout his debut album, Full Disclosure—a true exhibition of being young and free. Whether it be picking up some clippers and giving his friends a clean cut, working on a cover design in Photoshop for the first time, or experimenting with new places to take his music, Asha dives in fully to everything he tries.

Coming out of the slow moving Moreno Valley, Asha had to be constantly looking for the next interesting thing to do and he carries that sense of exploration to RBTI. “I like to think that my upbringing has been parallel to my development as an artist," he says. "All of the speed bumps and obstacles that life has put in my path have gone into the music. I only turned 18 a few months ago, so as I’m finding my way in life you can hear it in my work.”

Jasper Typical

jasper typical

Hometown: Portland, OR

With a strong experimental approach to his sound, Jasper Typical injects a level of inventiveness into RBTI that pushes the entire collective forward. Raised by musicians, Jasper was introduced to a wide array of artists throughout his childhood. Going back to the music of his early days to find inspiration for his debut album, Brother, Jasper's sound is rooted in indie and alternative but with a contemporary, genre-combining approach. Beginning his foray into the creative world as a visual artist painting murals with his friends in Portland, Jasper continues to apply that attention to imagery in everything he does.

“I was born into a household of musically immersed people. Both my mom and pop grew up using it as a therapy almost, a therapy to help get them through the bullshit," Jasper explains. "So when I came around and showed a love of it nearly right out of the gate, it was only natural that my parents started surrounding me with tools to explore my growing passion.”



Hometown: Baltimore, MD

The closest thing to a contemporary R&B/pop artist on the roster, Gidi is not without his own eccentricity. Building up to the release of his debut, Persona, Gidi draws from film and acting as a way to channel raw emotions into a place beyond music, creating an event that defines a moment in his life, and potentially the lives of those listening. Multifaceted like all of the members, Gidi has his sights set on fashion and comedy and is looking to steer the feelings of his music into other creative avenues.

“I’m really excited to make art that will help people through whatever they may be going through and help light their path," he says. "The reason why my stage name is Gidi—my childhood nickname—is because I want my music to be the truest reflection of me as possible.”

Jack Kolbe

jack kolbe

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Taught to pay deep attention to the music in his life, Jack’s love of the artform was evident since he first started playing piano at 4 years old. Coming across a random post on Reddit one day 12 years later, the producer turned a single click into a deep musical relationship with Jelani Aryeh that would take them from trying to secure a thousand listens to boasting millions of plays on collaborations like "Where We Go." 

Turning his early passion into his high school job into a lifelong love, Jack is a good example of the rapid growth that all of RBTI has seen. “My dad would always offer a high five if we could name a song playing in a store or on the radio," Jack says. "He’d also ask us what we thought the lyrics of a song would mean. This sort of stuff made me conscious about the music in my life instead of it being just something that played in the background.”

Will Pratt

will pratt

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Will’s versatility behind the boards is clear—this year he produced and engineered Gidi's upcoming project Persona and mixed Jasper Typical’s Brother, as well as Troi Blank’s upcoming debut. Only becoming actively interested in music around his freshman year of high school with the rise of electonic music, it was ultimately Lil Yachty’s 2016 album Lil Boat that would inspire Will to try it for himself.



Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Yves’ approach to visuals is based in a surreal, emotionally charged world where imagination runs rampant. Co-directing, shooting, and editing Gidi’s “Freshman” video, Yves' style creates a dream-like effect that permeates throughout his work. His passion started as a child, editing together short videos on iMovie for fun, with platforms like YouTube and Twitch now providing both inspiration and outlets for expansion.

“The main point I stress about myself and my work is that I do what I do because I love it. Everything I make is high effort because of this passion, no matter how serious or stupid the concept may be. I’m incredibly grateful for the people that support me, and I hope I can continue to grow into the person I strive to be,” Yves says.

Rob Midnight

rob midnight

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

Determined not to settle in his hometown, photographer and graphic designer Rob Midnight got into visual arts at a young age. Starting to explore Photoshop as early as middle school, it didn’t take long for Rob’s hunger to bring him to 3D animation, videography, and photography as he developed a brand for himself throughout the rest of his school days.

Always aiming to put a smile on someone’s face, Rob is also learning to cook and is on hand to help out however he can—this personal touch is extremely prevalent in his candid photo style that relies only on showing the truth of the visual’s focus every time.



Hometown: Puyallup, WA

One of the last to join the RBTI roster, it’s important to Kyran to capture RBTI with snapshots centered around displaying the unique personality of each subject. As a designer in all aspects, Kyran maintains a larger image in his mind around every project and it shows in his methodical way of putting things together. Under his PUNK & Company banner, Kyran produces clothes, photo books, and gallery showings to hone his talents in ways that can chart his growth and give a clear look at his artistry.

“I’m here to help accurately portray Raised By The Internet in whatever size frame we are given,” he says.