There's a Petition to Stop Kanye West from Headlining Glastonbury


With about 150,000 annual attendees, the Glastonbury Festival is one of music’s biggest live weekends. For 2015, the event organizers have booked a surefire success: Kanye West.

Kanye will follow in the footsteps of his big brother Jay Z, who headlined the festival back in 2008. And just like Jay, Kanye is facing backlash from attendees for not fitting in with the festival’s conventional mold.

Cancel Kanye West’s headline slot and get a rock band,” the petition reads. “Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world. We spend hundreds of pounds to attend glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment.”

There’s virtually no chance this will make any difference, but there is something to be gained from all this: some of the “reasons for signing” are hilarious. Take a look through the gallery below, and let’s get the wheels rolling on a Kanye vs. a dead snail showdown.