Kings Of Leon Debut New Songs, Cover Robyn During BBC Radio 1 Visit

Feel free to file this one under the “shit you never thought you’d hear” department of your brain. Kings Of Leon spent some time with BBC Radio 1 today as part of the promotional rounds for their forthcoming album, Mechanical Bull. While in studio the band debuted a couple of live songs including “Beautiful War,” “Family Tree,” and “Wait For Me,” all of which sound very promising if you’re a KOL fan eagerly awaiting the new release.

As if offering up some fresh tunes weren’t enough already, the band then decided to fail at trolling by beautifully covering Robyn’s smash hit, “Dancing On My Own.” We’ve seen this kind of thing attempted in the past. A group shows up for some live work, chooses to put their spin on a well-known pop song, and ultimately farts out a lame duck. Not the case here. Kings Of Leon nailed it and only further confirmed rumors that the boys are feeling crisp and focused.

Catch their rendition of “Dancing On My Own” in the video above and live recordings of some excellent new material below.

“Beautiful War” + Zane Lowe Interview:

“Family Tree”:

“Don’t Matter”:

“Wait For Me”: