Imaginary Ambition Is Making Hilarious 'How To' Videos About Your Favorite Rappers

This guy's making some of the weirdest instructional videos on the internet.

Want to be Post Malone, Lil Yachty, Rich Chigga, or even SoundCloud itself? Andres Del Toro, the comedic mind behind the Imaginary Ambition YouTube Channel, is here to help. His semi-educational videos will teach you how to be an internet rapper five minutes or less.

As it turns out, you’ll need more than music and a microphone to be a successful rapper. To effectively emulate Lil Yachty, for instance, you will need actual canned beets, which you’ll then have to bury and water daily with Sprite. In the case of Joji, you’ll need some “liquid passion.”

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While each video is driven by deadpan humor, Toro also manages to explain how your favorite artists structure their melodies, and why certain melodies work for them specifically. He also has a strong grasp on how each artist writes and delivers their lyrics, which he simplifies down to formulas we can all understand, like the “0s to Hoes” ratio.

Beyond hip-hop, Toro also has videos teaching you how to EDM, Jazz, and become coffee house blues. All are equally hilarious and surprisingly informative. Check out our email interview with the channel’s creator and some of his best videos below. He even made us a pie chart. Thanks, Toro!

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How did you come up with the idea for these How To videos?

I came up with the idea for these videos after being heavily influenced and inspired by the style of Youtuber “YouSuckAtCooking” and EDM duo “Mashd N’ Kutcher,” with their series entitled When You Collab. I then added some of my humor and personality into the mix, which is a nasty concoction of satire, absurdism, self-deprecation and dark comedy, and voilà! Imaginary Ambition.

Do you have any formal musical background?

As for my formal musical background, I took a bit of music theory and had about two years worth of classical training on piano in high school. Let me make you a chart to better visualize how my musical training looks like.


How do you balance some educational information with all the humor?

Balancing educational info between the comedy is a bit of a struggle every time. Especially since I strive to have a plot and moral in all of my projects. However, at the end of the day, the videos are How To's, so I write the first draft of the script by focusing on the core elements that make up the song for the topic—essentially writing out the video skeleton.

From there I can start thinking out of the box and plug in funny and creative themes and concepts in order to start fleshing the story a bit better and connect the dots. The writing process can always vary and I have learned to respect it as one of the more difficult parts of making a video. Sometimes, if I’m lucky and inspired, I can write a script within three to five hours, other times it might take 15-25 hours and I run myself to the ground in frustration.

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What rappers do you have on your list to 'How To' next?

I never really know who I’m doing next, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be rappers. Let me explain: I currently have a system for picking my next topic and it’s worked pretty well so far. I start by dedicating two to four hours on topic research and sort my prospects into three hierarchical categories:    

    A. How much is the topic trending

    B. How do-able is it to replicate based on my logistics

    C. How much does it excite me.

‘A,’ having highest priority. So the reason I can never know who I’m doing next is because you can never be certain who’s gonna trend and drop. Long story short: idk bruh.

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Oh, and, um, we have a YouTube channel, too. And we're doing a dumb challenge right now. More info below.

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