You Can Now Create Your Own Chopped And Screwed Songs With The Purpleizer

If you’re a fan of chopped and screwed music, you’re in luck with The Purpleizer. This app allows you to instantly chop and screw anything, but the app prefers to call its sound “purpleized” and not exactly chopped and screwed. Why? “Chopped and screwed is really a more elaborate process,” Tomàs Peña, one of the app’s inventors, told Noisey about the style that was popularized by DJ Screw and others. “The producers take original songs and they remix them by layers, chop them down and screw with their sounds.

“We just slow it down in a more simple and direct way,” he added. “There is no chance of editing the song too much. You pick the song you like and start making it sound like screwed Houston music, but coming from a more simplistic point of view.” Don’t believe him? Check out the testimonials above and then vibe out to A$AP Rocky’s “Purple Swag,” which helped inspire Purpleizer’s creators. And if you need more, check out these chopped and screwed gems that never get old.