Emerging from the post-Kanye, alt-indie-rap genre-blending landscape that has been steadily growing over the last decade is the captivating Raised By The Internet art collective. In 2017, inspired by the BROCKHAMPTON recruitment model, RBTI founder Jelani Aryeh, took a chance and shouted into the ether from his bedroom in San Diego.

The 17-year-old high-schooler posted on the Odd Future subreddit looking for other young people trying to make something fresh. His reward was a full team of talented creatives across all mediums, who could also resonate with the internet driven bars of Injury Reserve’s “Oh Shit!!,” and were ready to take up the challenge. “I responded to Jelani’s post on the Odd Future [subreddit] about starting a group,” producer Jack Kolbe explains. “For some reason it seemed like a good idea, I wasn’t looking for a group and had never posted on Reddit before...”

Vocalists, producers, engineers, and visual artists from all corners have stepped up over the past two years to help establish a unique RBTI brand. Existing as more than a simple music group, there are larger plans for RBTI to become a full creative production platform eager to help the next wave of norm-defying artists.

Rather than multiple group releases, the RBTI artists decided to focus mainly on their solo works, releasing four full length projects from various members. This freedom within the collective has given everyone a chance to develop on their own, continuing to hone their distinct styles and sounds. “The thing about Raised By The Internet that separates us from anyone else is how different we are from each other,” Asha Imuno says. “Everything we make together is a culmination of ten separate sets of eyes and ears finding what about them brings them together, and amplifying that to the world.”

As the musical landscape changes rapidly, self-made groups with strong DIY mentalities become more and more important because they capture the endless possibilities available to young people today. Groups like RBTI stand as examples of not waiting for someone to tell you how to move and just embracing that creative spark that exists when surrounded by friends who are all excited about what could come next. Here’s a guide to help you get to know the Los Angeles-based creative collective a little better.

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