Music and style have always gone hand in hand, but there’s an art to making sure they actually work together.

For the sixth installment of “P&P Pro Tips,” the nine-part show that wrangles industry tips from executives, artists, and producers, Mo Kheir of fashion brand I Love Ugly and co-founder of alt hip-hop group No Wyld breaks down the relationship between the two, explaining that there are no limits when it comes to showing the world who you truly are.

“If you’re creative, then no matter what you do, you want to express yourself in as many ways as you can,” he says. “As a musician, I want to express myself through music and the way I present myself visually, the things I wear.” When it comes to the people he looks up to, Kheir admires those who don’t limit themselves to just one thing. “Style for me isn’t about what you wear—it’s the way you present yourself and your ideas and philosophies.

"My own personal style and looking at deeper details, the founder of I Love Ugly, Valentin [Ozich], is a huge influence because he really pushed the idea of quality rather than quantity and knowing how to put things together. He was really ahead of the game when it comes to just knowing how to grow a brand. Our whole marketing model is ahead of its time. Even now, there’s only like six people at I Love Ugly and it’s a multi-million dollar business.”

Those seeking to up their game when it comes to merging fashion with music should begin by doing his or her homework, says Kheir. “I’d say research as much as you can in your own time, studying other business and other brands and seeing that you need a major point of difference. What’s different about what you’re doing, how you’re catering to your own niche.”

Watch the sixth installment of “P&P Pro Tips” above.

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