Jaden Smith has impressed us with his musical ability in the past, and today he shares what may be his strongest work yet. Over eerie, swirling synth pads and punchy percussion, Smith alternates between rapping and singing about a girl he has fallen in love with. His thoughtful, off-kilter lyricism makes the song come across as poetic and unique. Kevin Abstract lends his vocals to the track as well, adding to the space-age ambience.

The visually arresting accompanying video opens with a dedication to someone named Dessa and sets the scene of 1867 Calabasas. The video follows Smith as he dances expressively in a ghost town and frolics on top of a mountain as the sun sets behind him. At a few points throughout the video, he is shown throwing up and recoiling in pain. Other than a sheriff who occasionally appears on top of the mountain, Smith is completely alone. The Miles Cable-directed clip matches the tone of the music beautifully, and adds a new level of depth to Smith's lyricism. 

A vinyl of Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon appears several times throughout the video, so it comes as no surprise that the Cleveland rapper premiered the video. He took to Twitter to share Smith's work, and described the visuals as "epic." Check out the stunning video above, and read Cudi's heartfelt tweet below.


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