Danny Brown has openly discussed his love for Dragon Ball before, and now, he'll be immortalized in the anime series' latest sequel.

A new Dragon Ball series titled Dragon Ball Super is coming to the U.S. soon. The show was originally premiered in July 2015 in Japan, but thanks to Toonami and Adult Swim, the show was dubbed and will be airing on January 7. A trailer for Dragon Ball Super has surfaced, and fittingly, Adult Swim has chosen Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny" for it. With the Detroit rapper's high energy and raucous delivery, the song works very well with Dragon Ball. After all, its world is constantly under attack and the show features some of the most outrageous and awesome battle scenes.

Considering the success that Danny Brown had this year, being a part of one of his favorite anime shows seems like a great way to wrap up 2016. Watch the trailer for Dragon Ball Super above.

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