Wyclef Jean reunited with Young Thug for new track "I Swear," which premiered on Ebdo Darden's Beats 1 show tonight. "I Swear" has a strong island vibe, and should make a fitting opener to Clef's upcoming EP, the carnival-themed J'ouvert.

Clef and Thug first collaborated on "Kanye West" off of Thug's Jeffery, in which all tracks were named for artists who Thug looks up to. The first track on Jeffery was named for Clef. Clef also sang Thug "Happy Birthday."

During our interview earlier this month, Clef revealed why his connection to Thug is so strong. "Sometimes you don’t realize who you are affecting. But he’s from a project, I’m from a similar background," he said.  "And he has a natural love for Haiti, understanding the history of Haiti. Haiti is the first black republic. He reminded me of a modern Tupac, in a sense—in a revolutionary sense. I mean that by, alright, you might see a thug, but his connection to history seemed similar to what Pac understood, of like, 'This is who the Black Panthers are. Read this book, read that book.' This kid understands."

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