Certainly, no reminders are needed, but today is election day in the US, and everything and everyone from Google Doodle to the owner of your neighborhood bodega is kindly asking you to go out and vote. Joining the league of celebrities who are #WithHer now is Kodak Black, who recorded a special message for his fans while serving his 120 days behind bars.

"Hello, my fellow Americans," the audio clip begins, shared earlier today via his Twitter. "Make sure you go out there and vote, because every vote counts. Voting is a privilege. If I was able to vote, I would vote for Hillary. I believe she'll do a great job with our country. I'm Kodak Black and I approve of this message."

So, if you haven't voted yet, consider this as another reminder: go out and vote so you can have a say in your own future. Kodak Black is currently serving time for misdemeanor drug charges, but he'd do the same if he could.

Hear his message in the clip below.


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