Thanksgiving 2016 might have come and gone, but there’s still plenty more to be thankful for, as evidenced in our latest collection of the Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now.

There’s more than one tribute mix—Snoop’s Tha Doggfather, DJ Shadow’s ...Endtroducing, and a selection of Japanese producer Nujabes’ best all feature—and we also give thanks for everything from forgotten 2000s R&B to vibrant disco. Take some time and show your respect for the best to do it.

Tha Doggfather aka Snoop Dogg: The Samples (20th Anniversary Mix)

Salute, Snoop! 20 years after the initial release of Tha Doggfather, the OG took to Soundcloud to serve up a sample-laden mix to celebrate the special occasion. Commencing with a few words from the man himself and a quick shout out to all the producers involved on the record, the mix is a string of stone-cold classics.

Toro Y Moi: “Life's Better at 95” Mix for Hypebeast

Maybe he means Fahrenheit? Maybe miles per hour? Or perhaps this one goes out to all the old folk locked in. Either way, this mix by Toro Y Moi for Hypebeast features enough good music within the space of half an hour that you can enjoy the thing even if you aren’t spending your retirement speeding through Lagos in a Lamborghini.

Mighty Atom: ...Endtroducing Tribute Mix

Considered a seminal record by many, DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing still remains a masterclass in sampling techniques 20 years on from it’s debut. And to honour it by constructing a mix made up of the album’s source material, interview snippets, rare edits and more would be no easy feat for most DJs. Thankfully, Mighty Atom has made something that will make any Shadow fan smile wide, whilst providing anyone else a good reason to check out the original(s).

Eric Dingus: “Life Without Poison” Mix for Kitsuné

Ahead of their Afterwork event at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York, Kitsuné have kindly shared an exclusive mix from OVO affiliate Eric Dingus featuring a few exclusives, including a blunted Billie Holiday bootleg we’re particularly fond of. If you’re in the neighborhood on December 8, this mix from Mr Dingus might make your decision to attend a lot easier.

Michna & SV4: GhostlyCast #65 "Polyurethane"

With the recent passing of disco legend David Mancuso in mind, this mix from Michna and Ghostly founder SV4 serves well to honor his memory by conjuring the kind of music one might’ve heard at one of the man’s parties at The Loft, New York.​

Nothing but feel-good floorfillers from a time gone but never forgotten.

Rob Pursey: Forgotten R&B Girl Groups Of The 90s & 00s Mix

Not one to leave a soldier (in the Destiny’s Child sense) behind, Rob Pursey swings back through his dusty CD wallet to uncover a wealth of his favourite R&B girl groups for Southern Hospitality.

”When the history of any music is told there are always the celebrated, the overlooked and the sometimes forgotten.This is my dedication to just some of the R&B girl groups who in their moment shined. Whether it was just for one single, an album or two, an unreleased gem or whatever. 3LW, Mokenstef, Dear Jayne, Fabu, Ex-Girlfriend, Cherish and all the other groups on this mix, made their mark and this is a collection of just some of my personal favourites.”

Sam Tiba: Nujabes Tribute Mix

Sam Tiba, like us it seems, is a big fan of the late Japanese producer Nujabes. So, with no need or specific reason, we’re glad that Sam took the time to put the following together to stand as a heartfelt tribute of super chill hip-hop from a man we’re sad to not see more of.

Moullinex: “In Need of Love” Mixtape

Anyone having a tough time of it at the moment may find some solace in Moullinex’s mix of upbeat, restorative records.

“In terrible times one needs to turn back to music for healing. I hadn't recorded a mixtape in over a year, and it felt like the right moment to say something. As Gil Scott Heron said, now it's Winter in America, and Winter is coming to the rest of the World. May we meet each other in music and celebrate togetherness. A bunch of unreleased music in here. A little edit i did just for the occasion. Sunny jams with the occasional melancholic tune. Enjoy.”

DJ Argue: RWD Mix #19

Just as your Thanksgiving would have been incomplete without a full-on family argument, this list would’ve been incomplete without featuring the following from Croydon’s DJ Argue. Grime, bass, and a bunch of dubplates do serious damage in a mix that won’t necessarily do you any favors first thing in the morning.

Delfonic, Nano Nansen & Glenn Astro: Delfonic, Nano Nansen & Glenn Astro Play The Hits!

Still half awake? Getting ready to go out? Or do you just want something nice to listen to for the next few hours whilst you organise your sock drawer? There’s funk, soul, disco, and an all-round delightful blend of electronica to be found in this back-to-back featuring Delfonic, Nano Nansen & Glenn Astro which could help. 

“We recorded the first 3 hours in the Backstage Floor on our Last Dance Party at About Blank. Thank you for Dancing!”