Yesterday, a clip from the latest episode of The Eric Andre Show surfaced, which featured Flavor Flav getting kicked in the face by Hannibal Buress. After making its rounds, it finally fell into the lap of Flavor Flav, who appears to be less than satisfied with the final cut of the interview.

"Do not believe that bullshit video of me being kiked [sic] in the face good editing job folks," Flavor Flav tweeted earlier today in response to a tweet sharing the video sent out by 2DopeBoyz. That was the first of three from Flav, who is adamant about the kick being fake.

Finally, Flav made an official statement of sorts on Facebook, saying: "People asking about that B.S. Eric Andre show. That kick in the face, NEVER HAPPENED. That's some Bullshit editing done to disparage Flav. Yo Eric Andre - FUCK YOU for that move gee - Flavor Flav."

So there's that. Hannibal Buress caught wind of Flavor Flav's negative response, and expressed some confusion over it.

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