Despite the fact that Blonde won't be considered for any Grammy awards in 2017, Frank Ocean's latest album has nonetheless been a tremendous success. Many fellow musicians have reflected on Blonde and what it means to them, and now, a legend has professed his love for it as well. 

Recently, Elton John sat down with "one of his favorite new musicians," Chicago-based band Whitney, for an intimate discussion for T magazine. Touching on how the band started, when Elton decided he wanted to start a family, and much more, Julien Ehrlich of the duo and Elton John landed on top topic of their favorite records of the year. 

In addition to Parker Millsap, Nao, Sturgill Simpson, Rosie Lowe, Laura Mvula, Christine and the Queens, and The Lemon Twigs, Elton John also named Frank Ocean's Blonde as one of this year's bests.

"Isn’t that great, when something can do that to you?" Elton John said, after Ehrlich told Elton that Blonde will always induce tears. "I love sad music. When I was doing a lot of drugs, I would hate what I was doing. I would be on my own doing coke and just hating myself.

"Then I’d be listening to Kate Bush and it would make me cry. Peter Gabriel would make me cry. I knew that one day I would get well, but if I hadn’t had the music with me during that period I would probably not be here. I would listen to Nico—she was the most depressing person to listen to with the most wonderful voice. I would listen to her and I’d think, 'I’ll get well one day, I’ll get well one day.' That’s what music does to you."

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