Eazy-E had passed away in 1995 due to complications from AIDS, but the late rapper's family believes that there was foul play involved, which led to his untimely death. Last year, Eazy's son Yung Eazy claimed that Suge Knight had injected Eazy with an AIDS-infected needle, saying in his Instagram post that his father was perfectly unhealthy "until after the studio incident with Suge." The Instagram post has since been deleted.

In an effort to prove Knight's involvement in Eazy E's death, Eazy's daughter Ebie Wright has launched a Kickstarter campaign that will raise money for A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies, an "investigative and compelling documentary series" that hopes to uncover new evidence. 

"Through the narrative of Eazy’s very intellectually poised daughter Ebie," reads the campaign's description, "she is going to take you back 21 years on an emotionally intense journey addressing lies, rumors and inconsistencies of her father’s unusual and untimely death through Intense probing in face to face interviews with the most crucial people who were around Eazy throughout the years.

"People who conspired and flocked around Eazy during his last months with ulterior motives will be blasted. Using years of probate court documents (The Estate of Eric Wright) along with guidance from her mother Tracy Jernagin who fought in court, exclusive and private information that the public never knew will finally be told through Ebie. Details of what was happening each day leading up to him supposedly succumbing to Aids will be revealed [...] The FACTS are simply jaw dropping."

Backers of the project will receive exclusive updates, early access to the documentary's soundtrack, limited edition wristbands, keychains, apparel, and even touring Compton with Eazy's children, depending on how much is pledged. 

Read more about the campaign on Kickstarter.

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