Skott is on fire. After the success of her debut single "Porcelain," the Scandinavian singer/songwriter has been carefully planning her next moves with equally stellar releases. "Wolf" was another example of her charming yet haunting style, and her latest single proves to be just as evocative.

At first, "Amelia" deceptively sounds a lot like a folk song with its plucked guitar strings. But the pitched vocals hint at something a little more sinister, with production that kicks in and sees the song bloom into an eerie, billowing storm cloud.

"You've had to fight so hard for this love, but it's not turning out the way you thought," Skott says in discussion of her latest song. "Is it worth continuing or is this the end? The song's about not giving up, fighting to keep that special someone next to you despite the hardest of times. I get a bit nostalgic. 'Amelia' reminds me of my first love as a young teenager when I'd dream up crazy plans for the future. They weren't always realistic but they were honest and dramatic."

Her debut single "Porcelain" will be appearing on the FIFA 17 soundtrack, which comes out on September 27.

Listen to Skott's "Amelia" below.