New York City is a hotbed for Pokémon Go right now—the little critters are everywhere, and Okay Kaya is one of the brave citizens out there trying to get the Poké-population off the streets.

So goes the narrative for the “Keep On Pushin'” video—we follow Kaya across New York’s crosswalks and under its bridges as she sings alongside all manner of beasts. The Curtis Mayfield cover is one of Kaya’s recent crown jewels, and the fantastical video is just what it needed.

Stream “Keep On Pushin'” above, and check out our Q&A with Okay Kaya about the video below. The “Durer / Keep On Pushin’” 12” is available via Norwegian label Su Tissue on August 12th.

What’s your favorite Pokemon?
Pikachu, of course!

If you were a Pokémon what would you be?
A sorry excuse for one.

What was it like shooting this video out on the streets? Did you get a lot of funny looks?
It was fun! We just walked around, looked in stores, got food, caught some Pokies and talked to strangers. People in NY are used to all sorts of things happening in the streets, no one seemed too bothered.

Why do you think the Pokémon Go app is so popular? Have you been playing it?
It’s a genius game. My American phone doesn’t work in Norway, which is where I’m staying at the moment, so I haven’t been playing it too much, but my younger brothers plan Pokémon Go dates all the time and just run around for hours!

Tell me a little about this song – why did you decide to cover it and what does it mean to you?
This song has stuck with me for many years, it’s the perfect example of how important music can be for maintaining your spirit, a song about keeping on in this world is needed now as much as before.

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