This commercial for Royal Caribbean Cruises seems to come on every other commercial break, and the song is so catchy that once you see it a couple of times, you’ll be humming this tune for the rest of the week. As part of the What’s That Song? series, it’s only right that we highlight this one.

The commercial: Royal Caribbean Cruises “Come Seek”

As far as cruise commercials go, this is pretty standard. It’s bright, fun, and features footage of tourists swimming at the beach, biking through palm tree-filled roads, and one swimming pig. It also features the slogan “You are not a tourist” which makes little sense because most people going on Caribbean cruises are absolutely tourists. But anyway…

The song: Matt and Kim – “Get It”

Matt and Kim are a Brooklyn duo who have been making music since 2004. They may be best known for their hit “Daylight” and their music video for “Lessons Learned,” which featured the artists stripping naked in Times Square. Matt and Kim have released five albums together, and “Get It” is off their most recent, New Glow. With over nine million streams on Spotify, it’s one of their most popular songs yet, and it’s easy to hear why—this song is incredibly catchy.