Image via PR

Image via PR

So far, MICHL has released two stand-out tracks: “Kill Our Way To Heaven” and “When You Loved Me Least.” Despite gaining substantial buzz with these two releases, we as listeners don’t know much about the man behind the songs. And that’s just fine. Because in doing so, he allows the music to speak for itself and with songs as impressive as these, they’re saying a lot.

Today he adds another superb song to his growing catalog. “Die Trying” features the same stark, haunting production as his other track. Yet here, we see more of his incredible vocal range, as the hook features a mesmerizing falsetto.

Listen to his latest, and read a short Q+A with the California singer below.

You’ve chosen to take a more mysterious approach to releasing your music – by that i mean there aren’t pictures or much information of yourself readily available. Even your instagram is rather cryptic. Why this approach?
I wanted everything to be focused on the music. As of right now, my identity as an artist is solely based on my songs. I think a lot of times its about the look, the package, the hype, and I really wanted to stay away from that at the beginning.

I read that you play the instruments in these songs too. What comes first for you – the lyrics and melody, or the instrumentation?
Instrumentation always comes first for me.

Ghost Loft recently remixed your song “When You Loved Me Least.” How did that come about?
A mutual friend showed my music to him and was lucky enough to have him dig it and be willing to remix the song.

The line in that song that goes “don’t follow me / cause I loved you most when you loved me least” is so gut-wrenching. How personal is that song for you?
These songs are as personal as I can be, there’s nothing left.

Who would you cite as your main influence for your sound? I know it’s hard to narrow down to one.
The sound aesthetic will always change, but the lyrics will always be the backbone of my art. My main influences are The Beatles and The Temptations.

I know these tracks you’ve released so far are culminating in an upcoming EP. When can we expect that? Are any other new songs included?
Hope to be releasing an EP sometime in the summer, no date set. For sure there will be more songs included.