When fans decide to rush the stage for 15 seconds of fame or a quick selfie, things usually don’t end well. That one RiFF RAFF fan is probably still recovering. At a recent Limp Bizkit show, guitarist Wes Borland took things into his own fans when a fan ran up from behind him holding a phone.

Borland grabbed the dude by the collar and threw him to the side, then posted the video to Instagram with the following message: “The moral of the story here is not to bum rush people on stage. So many bad things have gone down at shows and if you aren’t invited up, we don’t know what your intentions are or if you’re intoxicated or violent or what… This guy wasn’t hurt. I grabbed his shirt and stiff armed him away from my space. Don’t do this. You respect our space and we will absolutely respect you.”

Fans’ reaction to Borland’s video was mostly positive, but there was some backlash from people who pointed out that even when Borland took his hand off the guitar to grab the stage-rusher, the music played on. This was interpreted by some as evidence that Borland wasn’t really playing guitar. He shut this theory down with the following:

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