Back in 2012, a music fan named Aurelia won the MTV Ultimate Rock-Star Dream Vacation contest, which allowed her to go backstage at Pitchfork Festival. Once there, she had a very clear and awkwardly executed mission: To give A$AP Rocky a plate with his face on it.

Sure enough, Aurelia found A$AP Rocky and gave him the plate, which he seemed to enjoy. “I love the fucking plate, thank you. That was sweet of you,” he said in the video above (HT to @AllDefDigital). “I might just give it to my mom.”

From there, it’s clear that Aurelia did not have a firm plan in place for post-exchange conversation. Her arsenal of questions was depleted, as she asked A$AP Rocky if she could be his friend—”Of course you can be my friend, sweetie.”

Then she revealed that she was a contest winner, and that’s when it started to click for A$AP Rocky and he realized that he wasn’t exactly dealing with a professional. Either Aurelia is truly an unskilled conversationalist (which seems on-brand for “Weird Vibes on MTV Hive”), or she honed her interpersonal communication skills by watching Kyle Mooney’s pre-Saturday Night Live YouTube videos:

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