Well$’s upcoming project is titled The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous. After watching the video for “130,” it’s easy to see why—the rapper took to the North Carolina woods to wreak a little havoc, smashing a school bus to pieces and filling underground tunnels with smoke.

Well$’s spastic, lanky frame fills the screen throughout. He’s an incredibly energetic performer, and “130” is the perfect opportunity to showcase that drive. He bounces off the walls of the forest, rattling off gems like, “Habits of the young and reckless, actually still young and reckless/ Make Forbes by 27, I’ll be right in the end,” at the camera with one eye cocked and a mischevious snarl on his face.

This video, directed by Summit Collective, is the followup to his Metro Boomin’ collaboration “Heaven’s Door.” It’s another step forward, and The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous is shaping up to be a huge moment for the young rapper.

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