Photo via Jennifer Stenglein

Photo by Jennifer Stenglein

Earlier this week, Sara Hartman graced our No Ceilings stage for our second London show. Today, she gives us yet another reason why she’s poised to have a huge 2016, with the release of her cover of Jamie XX’s In Colour cut, “Stranger In A Room.”

Where Jamie’s version features a much heavier electronic influence, Hartman maintains his selective sparseness and keeps her instrumentation and vocal layering to a minimum. It’s a take that feels very much her own, while still evoking the same emotion Jamie does on the original. Says Sara of the rework:

“I really loved the whole Jamie XX album but ‘Stranger In A Room’ was very special. For me the lyric was about the lonely side of the ‘no holding back’ rager party scene which I was exposed to when I moved to Berlin. I thought it was a unique perspective on the thing that is at the core of the place I moved to. The other side of the glamour had always fascinated me”

Listen to her take, as well as Jamie’s album version, below.